Marvin Bagley III is more than the stud you see on the basketball court. The hooper doubles as a recording artist, releasing his new single “Late Nights,” under the moniker of MB3FIVE.

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The new release is the first release of 2021, following “Behind It All,” his project that released last year.

“Late Nights” dives into the lack of loyalty within relationships and the impact of how it could make anyone feel once they are at the top.


“I’m comfortable being alone, never worrying about being accepted,” MB3FIVE says about the single.

He added, “The inspiration behind this song was based on a collection of feelings I endure when I’m alone. I felt like this song was a perfect way to express those feelings to the world and to the people listening about those times they never see. My main goal was to show people a different side of me and Late Nights was just that.”

You can dive into the vibes of the new single below.