NLE Choppa took to Twitter to share some “major” news about his herbalist practices that helped a cancer patient.

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The rapper claimed that he helped a cure a woman’s cancer with a plant-based diet and herbs.

“Wow man just was informed I helped cure someone from cancer. This Major To Me,” the rapper tweeted. 


Choppa understands it’s hard for people to believe that an 18-year-old with no medical experience was able to cure something that has no alleged cure.

He broke down the “easy” process and included a personal testimonial about his uncle’s battle with diabetes.

“It’s funny cause some people think I’m lying, which is understandable but that’s nowhere near the case. Curing disease is simple, it takes a meatless, dairy free, sugar free diet. Implant herbs, Sea mosses, black seed, neem, and other herbs,” he continued. “My mugwort was included in her diet.”

“I don’t just sell this items to sell them. I know the impact and what they can do for the mind, body, and spirit,” he wrote. “’ve healed people of allergic reactions in my own house, helped Unc with diabetes, and now cancer. Beyond blessed we here to help and heal.”

Despite being met with criticism, NLE Choppa seems to be clear about who he is and the power of his influence. “I’m really a rapper and a herbalist. Only rapper to ever sale healing herbs to help they people and at the same time balance putting music out. That’s huge in my eyes and I feel it can be world changing,” he said.

Do you think NLE Choppa actually helped cure a woman’s cancer?