Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, are legally single while they finalize their divorce, according to TMZ.

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The battle was an ugly one that played out in the public eye.

It began with disputes over the prenuptial agreement, then $2 million a month in child support, then with Nicole alledging Dre had been physically and emotionally abusive and cheated on her.


The producer filed the motion to be legally single while they finalize their divorce in March.

Although the former couple are no longer together, they’re still sorting out their finances.

Young is contesting the legitimacy of the prenuptial agreement, which she claimed was annulled shortly after they got married.

Once that is straightened out, their property dispute will be settled and they can go along their merry way.

Dr. Dre is finally single but he was already spotted out with a woman that fans believe was Omarion’s baby’s mother, Apryl Jones in February.