Pop Smoke posthumously appeared on MigosCulture III project and Quavo explained how important that was in a recent interview.

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“I had a relationship with Pop Smoke, we had a relationship with Pop Smoke, and it was just, important. We had so many records, me and him was bout to make an album. So I just felt like I had to put Pop on there. Rest in Peace to my dawg Pop, we just made so much good music. Us on a New York drill beat is just like, magic,” he said on the Real 92.3.

Quavo was heavily featured on Pop Smoke’s posthumous debut, Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon.


The trio were also asked to confirm rumors that they almost signed to Kanye West. “It was a management deal. It wasn’t no official.”

Culture III features Future, Drake, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Polo G.

The latter is going neck-and-neck with the Atlanta group for the No. 1 album.

The Migos are projected to sell between 125-135K, meanwhile, Hall of Fame is projected to sell between 165 and 175K.

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