New Rory and Mal!

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Weeks after being fired from The Joe Budden Podcast, on Friday, June 11, Rory Farrell and  Jamil ‘Mal’ Clay dropped the first episode from their new podcast, New Rory and Mal.

“I just kind of wanted to shut the fuck up for a few weeks,” said Rory in the episode. “It was five years of non-stop talking. I was listening back to old episodes and I was like, ‘Yo, can this kid just shut the f*ck up?’ It was definitely a self-awareness time of a few weeks. I just don’t—my opinion shouldn’t be out there.”


The two did not delve into their fallout with Joe Budden and subsequent firing from the podcast. They already explained the entire situation in a Vimeo exclusive. It seems as if they have decided to move on from the situation. In the hour-long episode, the duo talked about a host of topics, including taking a few weeks from podcasting while hanging out in Los Angeles, being in the VIP section in the club, Elon Musk, Floyd Mayweather, Culture III, and other topics.

“Let’s try some different shit,” Mal said of the show. “Let’s change the optics a little bit on this media culture or whatever you wanna call it.”

While they explained that they did not want to make the pod “guest based” they said that they will feature they really appreciate.

“We’re gonna give people us, you know what I mean? Obviously, we’re doing this together. But you’re gonna have your shit that you’re doing on your own,” Mal said. “I’m gonna have my shit that I’m doing on my own. And we’re gonna be putting it out in a cool way and having fun with this shit.”