The Nike MLB City Connect Series has been a hot ticket item. After releases from the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox, the next collection comces for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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The jersey is developed in partnership with MLB clubs, Nike MLB City Connect Series celebrates the bond between each club and its city. The uniform series explores the personality, values and customs that make each community and their residents unique.

The Nike Arizona Diamondbacks City Connect Jersey is inspired by the Sonoran Desert and its unique climate and terrain. Known as the Valley of the Sun, Arizonans have adapted to thrive in one of the United States’ hottest climates.


Stretching across Arizona, California and parts of Mexico, the Sonoran Desert inspires the jersey’s color. On the right sleeve, the Arizona state flag represents the club’s regional pride.

The “Serpientes” graphic across the chest translates to “snakes,” which gives a nod to the desert’s indigenous reptiles. The use of Spanish honors the lasting impact of the valley’s Latin American population. A classic Diamondbacks’ logo is expanded to create the new graphic font. The jersey’s number font takes inspiration from a snake’s fangs.

Above the jock tag, a triangular patch symbolizes the link between the team and the Valley of the Sun. The Diamondbacks’ alternate logo transforms into a V for “valley,” and at the center of the design, a red circle embodies the sun.