Life doesn’t always call for a full face of makeup. For some of us going completely bare face is out of the question.  Sometimes, A day on the beach or running errands can call for a quick pick me up but not a full makeup beat. A few well placed areas that glow, have definition and show a little color can be the difference of you looking plain jane or you looking like, yes girl! I am this beautiful, I woke up like this. Jordyn Woods shares how she creates her no makeup, makeup  look on her IG show Regular-Ish with Jordyn Woods. “This is good if you’re just running errands, especially in a mask” she tells her followers. “It’s hard to wear a full face of foundation so I normally skip the foundation to save my skin. “ She adds.” Here are her step by step tips to achieving the look, with a few of our bonus tips mixed in.

  1. Define your Brows- But Don’t Overdo It

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Use a brow pencil to fill in spaces or gaps while simultaneously using a brow brush (that usually comes on the other side of your brow pencil) to comb and define hairs, this will help to create  definition. She recommends you don’t over fill them you don’t want them to look overdone.

  1. Set Brows With a Brow Gel

Once you’ve achieved the look and fullness desired, keep your brows in place by setting them with a brow gel gel. 

  1. Use a Foundation or Brightening Concealer Where Needed.

“I go in with a brightening concealer” She recommends adding it to to the places that you like to brighten,  Jordyn oppts for under eyes but, depending on your skin you can also go around laugh lines and on the lips (if they are different shades).

Bonus Tip: A tinted moisturizer will give you also give a light coverage. We love The Lip Bar Tinted Skin Conditioner as it gives off a great glow

  1. Highlight Cheeks With a Bronzer 

Apply to the apples of your cheeks up to your hairline to add definition. 

  1. To blush or not to blush..This is up to you.  

Jordyn opts to use a cream blush that she applies with her fingers. She chooses to blush and she feels it give off a nice youthful glow.  

6, Highlight to complete The Look

She uses a bronzer on the eyelids and the inner corners of the eye and the bridge of the nose. “I think highlighting makes the whole look.” she adds. 


7. Don’t forget Lip Gloss 

Jordan recommends clear gloss but for us any gloss works here.

Bonus Tips: A little mascara or a swipe of eyeliner on the lower lids of the eye can also wake up tired eyes.

“My eyes look bright, the brows are defined, you can see a little bit of definition on the cheekbones and you’re all good.” View the full video HERE.