Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder were once again face-to-face. The third and final battle between the two boxers goes down next month and the two heavyweights had a face-off in Los Angeles.

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The two boxing superstars had a five-minute staring face-off and would not turn away from each other. TMZ Sports would catch up with Fury after the crazy moment.

“Good faceoff and I felt like he was nervous and intense,” Fury said. “He needed rescuing and he did get rescued. His coach coming in pulled him away just at the right time.”


The first fight between the two ended in a draw, the second was a landslide victory by Fury ending in a 7th round TKO in February 2020.

“It’s crazy,” said Fury to ESPN. “He’s letting himself down, letting his fans down. Letting the people of America down, the American media. People have come here to interview him, to see what he’s got to say and promote the fight. … I’ve done my end, and it’s up to him to do his bit.”

“He’s just not feeling it, man,” Wilder’s trainer Malik Scott told ESPN. “What I could say is he’s in a very violent mood. He’s been like that in training camp. He shuts down. And honestly, I don’t mind it. I think this fight sells itself. I think him not saying nothing is selling itself. Boxing is quirky. Boxing is weird.”

You can see the lengthy face off below.