Baby Cham is one of the most underrated acts in Hip Hop but that didn’t stop him from giving us timeless hits like “Vitamin S,” “Ghetto Story” and more.

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He’s known in mainstream Hip Hop for his collaboration with Alicia Keys, but you may remember him from his appearance on Foxy Brown‘s “Tables Will Turn.”

In a recent interview with Two Bees TV, Cham credited Foxy Brown for paving the way for mainstream Hip Hop and Reggae collaborations.


“That whole Caribbean infusion, she started. All of them came after her and took it to the next level where they were supposed to take it. But that connection? Inga is the one that paved the way for that Caribbean connection with the Hip Hop world and we have to give credit to Inga,” he said during the conversation.

He added, “I remember that we made that song on a plane on the way back from London. We land in New York and went to the studio, no sleep. We knocked out the record in about two hours but the hook was different,” he said before singing that chorus that was replaced with the now infectious hook.

Cham revealed that the chorus that we all know and love today was all Foxy’s idea. “The musical greatness of who Foxy is and a lot of people don’t understand the level of where Foxy Brown is, she said everything is perfect but that hook isn’t gonna cut it.”

Cham achieved mainstream success with his “Ghetto Story” single featuring Alicia Keys, and he shared some rumors surrounding the music video.

“I will never ever forget that she took the time out to really say ‘you know what? I don’t care what the label is saying, I want to do it in Jamaica. I don’t care what the label is saying, I want to come and perform the song with you live on stage … in front of a hardcore dancehall audience.”

The host asked if the singer’s label was actually trying to prevent her from fully committing to the collaboration or if those were just rumors.

“You kinda hear stuff like labels weren’t pushing for her to shoot and she was the one who said nope, I’m going to do it in Jamaica. If you notice, even the Sean Paul and Beyonce. They were never in the same space together, never performed it together. You realize there’s a lot of politics in the music industry and she kinda broke down those politics with our collaboration.”

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think: