Billie Eilish might be next to be cancelled for being an alleged racist.

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Pop sensation Billie Eilish is catching a lot of heat on social media over past videos allegedly showing her using a racial slur.  A TikTok video was uploaded this week where the Grammy winner can allegedly be heard using several ethnic accents. The 19-year-old singer is also apparently seen on-camera using a racist Asian slur. The authenticity of the videos hasn’t been confirmed, but with over one-million views in three days critics and fans are garnering mixed reactions. 

The “Ocean Eyes” singer is also being accused of queerbaiting because of some behind the scenes images she shared getting close with her all girl crew on the set of her “Lost Cause” video. Eilish’s 30-year old boyfriend made news from his homophobic comments towards the LGBTQIA community recently as well and issued an apology of sorts.


Some of the venting we found on Twitter demand an apology, while others made excuses that Eilish was only 14-years-old at the time the videos were made and possibly could’ve been a result of her Tourettes syndrome.

Criticism of the singer’s comments are not new, last year she was criticized for statements she made generalizing rap musicians for not being real and lying in their music.

Lots of celebrities are getting in hot water over resurfaced social media posts, do you think it’s fair to cancel someone based on what they said in the past?

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