Cardi B proves time and time again that she is anything but regular, shmegular  Thank god for lace front wigs and her stylist Tokyo Stylez, because when it comes to hair this Bronx girl serves the unexpected everytime.  From a short pink pixie cut to orange ombre curls, this week  Cardi slays in an edgier look ripped right out of the 80’s beauty and fashion handbook. 

Photo Credit-Cardi B’s Instgram Post

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Cardi B’s latest Instagram post which shows off her newest hairstyle, the mullet has us actually contemplating shaving off our sides and going full down south backwoods Miley Cyrus country on yall. Earlier this week, she went to the Gram to promote her new feature on the Migos Culture III album, complete with bodysuit, shoulder pads, thigh high tights and the iconic curly mullet/faux hawk (you decide).  If this was 30 years ago, she could be mistaken for a Prince impersonator.  We’re not the only ones loving this look, her fans also gave praise with comments like “Yes give me Purple Rain VIbes,” and  “With that hair; Really thought this was Michael Jackson.” 

If you choose this look, then be sure when you go to the salon you request to go short on the sides, long in the back and full up top. The curls and waves makes it less country and more Cardi. Have fun and play with colors like purple or pink. If you don’t want to make a full commitment, test the waters on a night out with friends with curly extension pieces and some well placed bobby pins before scheduling your appointment and taking the clippers to the sides of your head.  


Let’s go down these mullet streets and take a look at other notables who have rocked this rock star worthy style well.  


Rihanna bought the mullet back in 2020 for her Fenty Savage launch 


Zendaya rocked this blonde mullet at the 2016 grammy’s red carpet


Doja Cat went rock star glam at the 2021 Grammys