Angela & Vanessa Simmons are no strangers to the spotlight. Not only are the Simmons sisters, Hip-Hop royalty, but they have grown to establish themselves are entrepreneurs and reality stars. Back in 2007, they founded fashion and sneaker brand, Pastry.

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The success of the footwear brand even garnered praise from Jay-Z in his Grammy Award winning song, “New York State of Mind” with Alicia Keys. When you’re from NYC, a co-sign from Hov stands alone on the Mount Rushmore of co-signs.

Although they would leave the company in their respective in 20212, Vanessa recently returned as creative director. Upon her return, the Pastry brand launched two new partnerships with Sugar Factory the Steven Tyler’s Janies Fund, which gives back and supports abused girls. Every shoe that Pastry sells goes back to that cause.


“We believe that every person should live life to their fullest potential, regardless of what traumas they face,” said Simmons. “Pastry is proud to stand by that cause.”

On the other hand, Angela is focused on her skin care brand, Simmons Beauty.

“One of my favorite things to do at the end of the day is get home and wipe my face off and wash it,” says Angela.

Simmons beauty celebrated its 1 year anniversary.

On the latest season of Growing Up Hip-Hop, the audience explores the post quarantine lives of each cast member.

The world is introduced to Angela’s now ex-boxer bae Daniel Jacobs. The relationship takes a turn and the two split. From there Angela face public scrutiny for the pop-up relationship, motherhood and a number of entrepreneurship ventures such as Simmons beauty. Vanessa also balances family life with her long-time boyfriend, Mike Wayans and their daughter.

As the eldest Simmons sibling, Vanessa continues to be a mother figure to both Angela and Jojo. In fact, Vanessa was the last to meet Angela’s then-boyfriend. It is safe to conclude that the wait time is no longer a factor.

Whether they are raising families or running successful business, you can catch the Simmons sisters every Thursday on WeTV’s, Growing Up Hip-Hop every Thursday at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT.