A designer is someone who can create new ideas and concepts and bring them to fruition. This ability is not just a gift but also a skill that can be developed and perfected. Meit Kamdar Avlanii is a jewelry designer with his own atelier in Mumbai. His experience with the art of designing has imbued him with priceless knowledge about the process and here he shares insights on how aspiring designers can up their game in 2021.

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Meit Kamdar Avlanii says it’s fundamental for designers to take up a course or basic education in design and furthermore take up an apprenticeship to learn their craft. Designers can be self-taught too. He advises – for those hoping to perfect their design abilities, one must never stop learning. He further adds, to up your game in today’s day and age one must always conduct personal research into the world of design. By staying informed on the newest trends and innovations, making the best use of social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook a designer can learn a lot more and also discover newer concepts or ideas not known to them earlier. 

With the evolving technology in designing, he recommends that, if you haven’t yet learned how to digitally render your designs, then 2021 is the year to do that. Meit says that advancements in technology have helped streamline the process of design and one should be taking advantage of them. Expanding on this, he says, “Many software like AutoCAD, Rhino, Matrix are exceptionally great for designers. These software help in understanding the design technically and visualizing them with a 3D perspective. A computer-generated design enables one to make changes to a design and also conceptualize multiple concepts faster. Manually sketching a piece and its variations can be a time-consuming process. Thus, to stay relevant in the world of design in 2021, you will have to stay up to date with its advancements.”


Lastly, he mentions in this ever-changing world, a designer must join, participate or visit various industry related councils, organizations and fairs. These industry related events can help a designer to up to date themselves with the industry, find resources that can prove extremely useful.

Meit Kamdar Avlanii moved from working within his family’s textile company to obtaining an education in design and jewelry, eventually opening his own atelier. His designs use an eclectic variety of pearls, diamonds, and color stones, each piece making a bold and elegant statement.The art of designing is acing creativity and innovation, and Meit Kamdar Avlanii advises that those hoping to up their design game in 2021 should embrace these elements.

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