Customers are increasingly craving unique experiences from retailers, and SUITABLEE is showing the rest of the world how to put consumer demands and experience first. Menswear is considered quite a complex subject, even though most men are believed to throw on the first thing they find in their wardrobe without much consideration. However, that is all changing now as the male fashion scene continues to evolve. SUITABLEE is at the forefront of this movement, helping men quickly access custom suits, dress shirts, and other accessories from the comfort of their homes.

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Even before the pandemic, most male shoppers were not fond of going in for fittings at the tailor shop. SUITABLEE has conquered this issue in one clean sweep with their AI-enabled custom suits. The founders of SUITABLEE, brothers Jean-Sebastian Siow and Jean-Jeremie Siow, realized a need for a change in the custom suits industry as they found out that more shoppers prefer affordable solutions and online shopping. The duo started by mastering the technology and engineering involved before they went on to start their company. They spent two years tailoring amazing suits for clients by going from homes to offices. This experience gave them insight into what was missing in the industry and how they could fill that gap.

Modern shoppers are not bothered to go to physical stores anymore; this is why SUITABLEE serves customers outside their radius exclusively online while providing a personalized showroom experience to local customers while accumulating more local physical specimens for the AI data. The company is changing how men buy suits by allowing them to get their fittings done from the comfort of their homes by leveraging their automatic sizing technology.  


So how does this actually work? “Well, the client answers 12 questions about themselves, and then the AI software delves into data from thousands of body scans of our local customers and generates custom garment patterns. Once that is done, digitized patterns are created and cut by laser. Then old school tailoring techniques are used to assemble them locally, before the customer finally receives their custom suit,” explains a company spokesperson. SUITABLEE’s track record is quite impressive, with only 10% of all their online sales requiring minor adjustments on the finished suit.

SUITABLEE’s interactions with clients are in the form of virtual zoom consultations, meaning that you can get guidance from the experts through responding to the questions being asked and enquire about anything else you’d like to know. Fabric samples are also available for those who want to touch and feel before committing. SUITABLEE is giving the power of choice and flexibility to their clients without requiring them to go through multiple physical appointments.

The Siow brothers explain that the industry tends to alienate men who don’t know a lot about style. This led to a divide in the industry. SUITABLEE is bridging that gap by offering easy solutions for all to understand. They are making it possible for people to shop quality custom menswear online without making any compromises on quality or style quotient.

AI-enabled custom tailoring has made SUITABLEE the first-of-a-kind venture in its niche. This has raised its popularity among customers and also caught the eye of other top players in the menswear industry. The experts at SUITABLEE seem to have taken the mantle in their hands as a new reality for menswear dawns.