Jazmine Sullivan called out a Philadelphia Macy’s employee who was responsible for her negative experience in the department store on Juneteenth.

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“Wow to look racism in the eye, and especially on Juneteenth was a wakeup call,” wrote Sullivan on her Instagram Story.

“Mary King at Willow Grove Macy’s look of disgust while ringing up my boyfriend’s mother will forever be etched in my mind.”


The “Pick Up Your Feelings” singer didn’t get specific about the “honest mistake” but made it clear that it was the “store’s mistake” and instead of being met with “understanding and kindness” she was met with “prejudice” while shopping.

She concluded the post saying, “Thank God for the Black employee who tried to rectify the situation (that u didn’t listen too. I wonder why u didn’t take her advice Mary?). This coulda went a whole different way. U need to be grateful we know Jesus b***h!”

Jazmine Sullivan isn’t the first person to call Macy’s out for racist allegations. Cincinnati City councilman Jeff Pastor called the company out for their racially insensitive 2018 Christmas campaign.

“Hey @Macys what’s wrong with this picture?” Pastor asked about the ad featuring four families, with the Black mother being the only single parent. “It’s not like they did it with ill intent. But it’s somebody within diversity and inclusion missed that picture,” said Pastor to NBC12 at the time.