The podcast market is booming and recent figures from Podcast Insights estimates there are over 2 million shows globally. US podcast listeners will increase 16.0% year-over-year (YoY) to 106.7 million in 2021 according to data from eMarketer and the business category is flooded with thousands of options for the eager audience. Within a crowded market, The Radcast is starting to build separation from the crowd with not only their approach but with the overall scale of the audience. Marketing influencer and RADICAL digital ad agency owner Ryan Alford is at the forefront of that growth as the show host and creative director.

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The Radcast is a marketing podcast at its core but after one listen it’s clear this isn’t your formulaic (and often boring) business and marketing show. Ryan, along with regular podcast contributor Josh Hill and producer Daniel Walker provide way more than bullet point recommendations in audio form. Channeling the best of entertainment news along with a who’s who line up of big business executives and celebrities The Radcast finds a great balance of both marketing education and entertainment. “I have been a podcast guy for 10 years listening and producing tons of content. I knew we could produce a show that would feel more natural and authentic while also providing real world practical marketing advice” says Alford.

The show formats include a weekly guest episode on Tuesdays, a Friday marketing and advertising news segment, and the occasional soap box edition where Ryan shares specific marketing strategies. The guest episodes come across both natural and informational in a style that is easy to listen to in the car or on the treadmill. Ryan does a good job of pulling out topics which would inform listeners on how to do these same things and where to find more information. Recently recorded and published guests include reality show favorites Ben Higgins from The Bachelor and The Hills star Spencer Pratt. “My biggest goal with our guests is to make them comfortable sharing the real stuff, the nitty gritty, so that listeners have a connection and see the real world aspect of building a company or developing marketing approaches that work” Alford shares.


The weekly news segments are definitely on the lighter side combining trending topics as random as Kanye locking himself in the Atlanta Falcons home stadium to marketing campaigns from Popeye’s. The Radcast really does feel like a behind the scenes look at ad agency life showcasing the creative aspects of working in the marketing industry. Ryan and news episode co-host Josh Hill provide both insightful context and comedic relief as they navigate topics that cross the spectrum of the industry.  Leveraging his verified social media status across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok Ryan has built The Radcast into one of the fastest growing marketing and business podcasts in the US. The show now averages over 15,000 audio downloads a month and over 20,000 video views per episode across all platforms.

“Business podcasts don’t have to be boring and I think there needs to be more transparency in ad agencies with what happens behind the scenes” says Alford. It’s clear that The Radcast is anything but boring and will be a show to watch as the podcast market continues to grow.