Scottie Pippen had a lot to say about Kevin Durant in a recent interview. Pippen spoke with Yahoo’s Vincent Goodwill to promote Digits Bourbon. Pippen complimented Durant on the former MVP’s game but said he falls short of surpassing LeBron James.

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“Surpassing LeBron James takes a little bit more than an individual effort,” Pippen said. “LeBron James is a complete team player who understands team and winning. 

“Has (Durant) gotten to that level yet? He went home (in the playoffs) … I think he still has some learning to do in terms of what it takes to will a team to victory.”


Seems like a harsh take from Pippen considering Durant left it all on the floor during the NBA playoffs this last series against the Milwaukee Bucks. Pippen has been a long-time LeBron fan, and he is clearly showing a bit of bias here. Durant is arguable a better scorer than James and Pippen seem to forget that when it comes down to NBA Finals matchups between the two All-Stars, Durant is up 2-1.