Coi Leray’s success with songs like “Better Things” and “BigPurr (Prrdd)” took her music career to new heights in 2021. In addition to dropping songs that trended on social media platforms like Tik Tok, the rapper has inspired one of the most popular braided hairstyles this summer.

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Although the No More Parties rapper has been on a steady rise in the entertainment industry, one accomplishment she’s been looking forward to is finally graduating high school. After dropping out of school at just 16, the now 24-year-old graduated from Montclair High School Thursday.

“Surprise guest @coi_leray crashing the Montclair High School graduation” wrote Dalton Ross.


News of her recent milestone quickly spread online. In response, Coi Leray expressed how proud she was of herself. She also hinted at the possibility of pursuing higher education.

“Say what cha want but ya bishhh can go to college now !!! Lol I plan on going after I retire from being the biggest artist in the world” wrote Coi Leray.

The rapper wasn’t the only person from Republic Records attending the graduation. CEO’s Monte and Avery Lipman delivered the graduation speech. Coi Leray and the two businessmen are seen dancing together at the event.

“These are the CEO’s of Republic Records. When they signed me, they changed my life. Now I’m a platinum recording artist” said Com Leray.