O.J. Simpson offered words of encouragement to Carl Nassib after he announced his sexuality.

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“Aye [Nassib], more power to you, man. That’s terrific,” the retired football player said in a video.

“You know, over the years people have asked me ‘Hey man, did you play with gay athletes?’ Of course, I did. They’re everywhere in every profession. It’s no different in football as there would be in whatever. You know, postoffice workers or police officers, any profession, you have it.”


O.J. Simpson added, “I mean they may not come out. But, they are there. Trust me.”

Before concluding his video, O.J. shared his thoughts on transgender women playing with cis women in sports.

“I gotta say this, I do protest what’s happening down in New Zealand. They’re allowing [Laurel] Hubbard, the weightlifter-transgender-female weight lifter, to compete in the Olympics. Now that’s, as far as I’m concerned, wrong. [S]He was born biologically a guy. Men are biologically stronger, faster, and in most cases have more endurance than females.”

“Now that’s not my opinion, just look at all the record books. That’s just the way it is.”

Watch O.J. Simpson give “much respect” to Carl Nassib below: