This sure has been a week for Trick Daddy.

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An audio clip surfaced on social media this past week of the Love and Hip Hop star giving his two cents on Jay-Z and Beyonce. In the clip, Trick Daddy said that Beyoncé “can’t sing” and that Jay-Z “ain’t never won the greatest rapper alive.”

Following the release of the clip, the Beyhive swarmed to Trick Daddy’s Instagram and flooded his posts with comments.


He then stopped by for an interview at Marc Lamont Hill’s BNC news, where he doubled down on his comments.

He explained that he was in a Clubhouse chat where they were talking about unpopular opinions and that people took what he said the wrong way. “The part about her not writing her songs…95 percent of all vocalists don’t write their own music, so that’s not a big issue. And I said that Jay-Z was to New York and the hip-hop scene in New York to what Beyoncé is in the R&B scene. … I said she can’t sang.”

He went on to say that there’s a difference between singing and “sanging,” suggesting that Beyoncé can’t compare to the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, or Adele. “They probably didn’t hear what I said, they don’t understand what I’m saying because they’re trolls” he added.

Despite his criticisms of Beyoncé, he said that she’s “a hell of a performer.”

When asked if he had anything to say to the Beyhive, Trick Daddy commented by saying “How y’all doing, Beyhive? Wish y’all supported me as much, I sold a lot of records, ain’t never got nominated for no awards… I grew up with roaches, I’m more afraid of roaches than bees.”

You can watch the interview below.