If you’re a Pop Smoke fan, you know the Brooklyn rapper adored him some Christian Dior. You couldn’t mention Pop without Dior. Now, thanks to the friend of the late legend, Travis Scott, and creative director Kim Jones, you can’t mention Dior without Pop Smoke. 

Yesterday, Christian Dior announced its partnership with the Cactus Jack brand for the Spring-Summer 2022 collection, and this morning’s unveiling of the pieces clearly shows its honoring of Pop Smoke. 
The first item released is a white t-shirt with the late rapper’s face on the front, off-center to the right with lyrics from his song “Dior” on the back. 

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Travis took it to Instagram to show the release of the collaboration by posting the pictures and with a caption saying, “U CANT SAY POP AND FORGET THE SMOKE. NOW U IN ALL THE STORES 4 EVER.” 

Back in February of 2020, 4 masked gunmen shot and killed Pop Smoke in a home invasion robbery while visiting Hollywood Hills. Four people got arrested in July 2020 for the murder, 3 were minors, but none have gone to trial yet. 

Long live Pop Smoke.