While the question in the air surrounds Beyonce’s vocal abilities, Tina Lawson, mother to Beyonce is setting the record straight on social media. Weeks ago, Trick Daddy sparked a giant conversation after admitting on his radio show that he believes Beyonce yells instead of being the incredibly talented vocalist we know her to be.

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“Beyoncé don’t write music and barely can sing her motherf***in’ self. Beyoncé can’t sing,” Trick Daddy began.

“Beyoncé is the number one performer I’ve ever seen besides Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. Can she sing? Yeah… She can’t sang. She ain’t in my top,” he continued.


The “Nann N*gga” rapper’s opinion would soon be met with Beyonce’s swarming BeyHive, in which he made it clear that he is sticking to his word. Aside from the BeyHive, Tina Lawson recently took to her Instagram to join in on the conversation regarding her daughter’s singing.

Lawson shared a video of Beyonce’s engineer, DJ Swivel recalling a time where the Lemonade singer mimics her voice, to sound like a guitar. “The guitar solo which she mimics with her voice which I’ve never heard before but let’s see if we can pull it up,” the engineer explained before playing a clip of “I Care”

Tina Lawson seems to be in favor of the BeyHive as she couldn’t help but show her support. “I have always been in awe when she does this. She does it with other instruments as well!!!!” Check out the clip of the raw vocals here.