Olivia Song has become a beauty expert within the art and business of cosmetics. With robust industry experience that spans over a decade, Song is not only beautifying her celebrity clients, but teaching young women the how to become entrepreneurs in the space as well.

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“I alway knew I wanted to have a career in creative arts, says Stone. “I’m really good at drawing, but make-up was something I sort of stumbled upon. Once I realized I was really good I said, ‘shoot why not?'”

Back in February, Olivia Song announced her 6-city Masterclass tour to begin in May. Early in 2021, it may have not seemed like an opportune time due to the early stages of COVID-19 vaccinations. Nevertheless, her optimism would prevail and her Masterclasses began in Houston.


The other cities included Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami and Atlanta. At each stop, her masterclass attendees were treated to learning full glam application, lighting and photography, social media marketing and more. If timing and persistence prevails itself, you may end up working with Olivia Scott. She mentions that one of her masterclass attendees earned a job with her after a number of follow-ups.

“There was one student who came to my masterclass in Cincinnati and she was so impressive and persistent and so professional. She followed up with me over a million times and now she’s my assistant. It kind of put me in a position to give her a chance.”

After the class, the women were given a workbook and certificate, and a chance to meet one of Olivia Song’s trusted clients. These clients includes Queen of Da Souf rapper, Latto, Tina Harris, Lil Kim, Queen Naija, reality stars, Erica Mena, Alexis Skyy, Chinese Kitty and more.

When preparing for clients, Olivia Song does extensive research. She goes through her client’s Instagram photos to make a kit that is specifically fits their make-up needs.

In this day and age, Olivia Song is finding new, innovative ways to bring out the best in her client’s look.

“I’m straying away from highlighting on the cheeks, especially for textured skin,” she tells Flaunt Magazine. “

She prefers a matte look in order to accentuate the makeup’s natural aesthetic.

As a long-time make-up artist, Olivia Song has seen many trends come and go. Now the industry is headed in a new direction where artists have become brands in their own right. With that being said, more make-up artists will become brand ambassadors.