Bighani “Tsunami” Energy, raised in Cypress Hills Brooklyn, has managed to turn a negative space on social media into positive energy (pun intended). Imagine a space on any social media platform where there’s  no criticism, judgment or reason to agonize over one single post.  Bigger than that, imagine a world where random people give compliments, show love, encourage and provide a safe space to inspire you to be your best self.  Then, allow us to invite you into the The Love Bomb Room™ #CatchTheseCompliments” hosted by Blacktop UniverseCity on Clubhouse where compliments, love and positive energy drive the conversation from people around the world. The only rules of the house are to celebrate yourself, wins, losses, failures and successes. “It’s for people who want to have a good time and want love.” Says Founder of Blacktop UniverseCity and creator of The Love Bomb Room™.  The Love Bomb Room™ operates on one simple premise-Kind words go a long way.  “We want to celebrate the spirit of people.” 

Moziah shares his gifts at The Love Bomb Room™ 200th Day Celebration #TLBR200 “The Family Reunion”

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The Love Bomb Room™ #CatchTheseCompliments hosted by Blacktop UniverseCity Come In…Let Us Compliment You” (their tagline), was created during the height of the pandemic on the Clubhouse App.  “During the global pandemic, I was bored with nothing to do, unemployed and wondering what it would be like to do a roast room but complimenting people.” Said Energy. After the first day Energy said she knew she was onto something when  a young lady got on stage and said “I was really having a bad day, you guys uplifted me, thank you so much.” “By the 7th day, an Emmy award winning news anchor wanted to do a piece on us and from that point on we’ve got so many opportunities I’m talking the wildest of our dreams.”

NYC Recording artist BillBoard Baby

When you enter The Love Bomb Room™ #CatchTheseCompliments hosted by Blacktop UniverseCity™, Energy begins the conversation by asking individual guests who they want to ‘Love Bomb’. This starts the chain reaction of positive energy and warm virtual hugs, encouraging those who participate to catch compliments from others and give compliments to others in return creating a cycle of just all around good energy.  Mathew Knowles, Amber Rose, Justina Valentine (of Wild N’ Out) and Rockwilder are among the few who have been a part of The ‘Love Bomb’ experience.  ‘If spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way’ was a person (To quote Biggie), Bighani would definitely be it. She also weaves in music, poetry, daily affirmations, and an occasional birthday party. “I get bored easily,” she jokes. “So I’m always like, wait, are we gonna be Love Bombing for two hours?” Because of her entertainment background,  the room attracts  artists, musicians, poets, and creatives from across the country.  “There is a natural draw to the room for me.” says Poet and author Dawn Pulido from California. “Because there are so many artists in the room, they tell their stories through their poetry and/or music and so many other things that we do. So it’s easy for us to vibe and connect. Bighani helps us to bring out our strengths to the room through our art.” 

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Bomani X one of the Clubhouse Icons

This past Saturday Bighani and her team finally got the chance to meet each other in person through The Love Bomb Room™ 200th Day Celebration #TLBR200 “The Family Reunion”  Produced by Blacktop UniverseCity™  Members traveled from across the country to meet each other and take part in ‘Love Bombing’, celebrating, sharing, listening to music and meeting the people who they have only met in the The Love Bomb Room™ on Clubhouse, Instagram and Twitter.  The weekend-long celebration included a meet and greet, recording Sessions for Blacktop UniverseCity’s The Love Bomb Room™ resident artists and a virtual event for members who couldn’t attend.  Men and women traveled cross-country from California, Chicago, Atlanta to take part in this experience.  Positive energy and affirmations of self, filled the air. The Love Bomb Room™ #CatchTheseCompliments be it live, virtual or through an app is a movement, a call to action that if you ever get the chance to experience, you will quickly realize it’s contagious. 

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Members of The Love Bomb Room™ Share thier experiences

 “You don’t want to let days pass without shining, without sharing your gifts with the world and that’s what we do at BlackTop UniverseCity. We encourage others to express their genius and talent every single day, to uplift people with their gift and to encourage”  Energy says. “I’ve been praying for a purpose and I found it and I can’t tell you how fired up I am because I found this. And I’ve put this together in just 200 days, a little over six months. It is something to be celebrated.” 

To join the movement visit, On Clubhouse, IG & Twitter: @BlacktopUniverseCity & @TheLoveBombRoom, they can also be found on BIGO LIVE & Spotify Greenroom.