Love and Hip Hop star, Gunplay has been transparent with his use of cocaine. The Florida rapper previously opened up about letting go of his addiction to the substance in 2012.

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In an interview, Gunplay detailed just how bad his substance abuse got to at one point. “How bad did it get? Just my health man. Looking myself in the mirror and my nose never being right. I could never breathe straight and I’m always blowing my nose,” the rapper stated. “I’m already a skinny n*gga and that sh*t draws me up even skinnier by the time I wake up in the morning, I lost 10 pounds, like ‘What the f*ck just happened?'”

“Then, that day you gotta be at a video shoot. You got raccoon eyes and you 10 pounds lighter and you can’t even breathe and you’re blowing your nose like crazy sweating because that sh*t makes you sweat,” he continued. “Come on man, you look crazy. That was really one of my first steps in really taking this rap sh*t seriously… and that was quitting coke. That was 2008.”


In a video posted to his Instagram a few weeks ago, the rapper shows the long-term effects of cocaine use. The video captioned, “healing process is a muthaf*cka!” shows the rapper inhaling through his nose, but it’s not what you see in the video that he wants you to pay attention to, it’s what you hear.

Fans in the comments joked about the rapper’s nose making whistle noises, however, we congratulate Gunplay on his decision to kick the substance to the curb! Check out the clip here.