Kristina DeBarge continues to shine and keep the R&B spotlight on the family’s name. 

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While she may come from a family of R&B legends, she has been steadfast and focused on building her own career outside of her last name. From transitioning away from pop music to a more adult-themed R&B, to opening her own cosmetics line that is growing more and more daily, Kristina is developing an empire of her own that would have others in awe of all she’s accomplished and is still setting out to do. 

DeBarge recently dropped the latest single “BET” featuring Eric Bellinger ahead of her new album dropping in July. She talked to us about life during the heights of COVID-19, inspirations, and motivation towards making 2021 her year.  


The SOURCE: How did you spend your 2020 during quarantine times? 

Believe it or not, when quarantine happened, it was actually my birthday. We celebrated it like a couple days before and I was so excited because I got to celebrate right before everybody shut down. And then not even three days after we celebrated, they were like, oh, yeah, there’s a stay-at-home order. The early days were scary. It felt like a real sit in your taught moment. 

During the down time was working on new music and making sure your businesses are in order help give you focus and peace of mind.  

Great question. I took some time away from music to work on my cosmetic line. I was dealing with depression while living in LA after finishing season four of Growing Up Hip Hop. As I got my affairs in order, then I was focused on getting my mind right. After my relocation, I was able to focus on creating meaningful music that my fans would love. Thanks to my fiance Adonis, he is my muse and with his support, the creative juices started flowing and “BET”  is a prime example of that 

What’s the background and your opinion about your latest single “BET” featuring Eric Bellinger?

When I first started writing the record, Adonis and I were writing records together, we kind of were inspired by Beyonce and Rihanna. And we were thinking that we could do something more upbeat. So, like a modern-day “Crazy In Love.” So, we were like, okay, how do we make it feel like a modern-day “Crazy In Love” and not sound exactly like it? “BET” is a feel-good perfect for the summer where you want to feel good and feel loved at the same time. 

What can your fans expect from your new album?  

Great question. Fans can expect a great album full of love and great R&B. Perfect for the we back outside and we want a great vibe to experience. This album is for the lovers of R@B music and those who have followed my career, you will be able to hear my growth and vocal range. Can’t wait to share my album with everyone. I’m in love so I want to spread that love through my music. 

You check out the video for BET below.