MariBased1 is an up and coming music artist coming out of the Seattle, WA area. He grew up in a musical household where he was able to watch his father, Mr. Benjamin, create music. So he was around music his whole life and listened to it everyday. As he started getting older, MariBased1 started making his own music. He soaked up a lot of musical game from his father and musical idols as a youth. Some of the artists he listened to aside from his father include Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, The Temptations, T-Pain, and Lil B The BaseGod just to name a few. With a wave of new era music ushering in, MariBased1 was able to carve out his own lane of music. 

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Having a sound of his own helped the young music artist stand out from the rest. His unique sound gave the people something new and fresh that they wanted to hear. MariBased1 is calling his fresh new sound “The Northern Flow”. And clearly people are enjoying the music that he’s been releasing. So far, MariBased1 has seen each one of his music videos receive tv airplay on BETjams and MTVjams. He’s also seen his singles hit the top of the college radio charts and receive over 1 million streams. With his musical journey just beginning, it’s clear to see that MariBased1 has a bright future ahead of him. So stay tuned in and follow the talented musician on his road to success. You can follow him at @MARIBASED1 across all social media and streaming platforms. And don’t forget to also check out his Youtube, @Mrbenjamin2008.