From braids to natural curls and weaves. Take a look at celebs who are wearing the styles you’ll want wear, when it’s too hot to deal and staying cool is at the top of your hairstyle list. 

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Remy Ma

Remy Ma rocks a jumbo braided wig  with beads at the ends


K. Michelle

K. Michelle working her face framing natural curls 

Justine Skye

Justine Skye in a short wavy bob keeping hair off of your neck and back when the heat starts to rise. 

Angela Yee

If you have a texture that won’t shrink when you wet it  then let your hair air dry.  The volume and fullness will be the right amount of grown & sexy (we see you Angela Yee) you need to last throughout the day. 


Your lacefront will never revert in heat and humidity. To  keep the look hot (no pun intended) choose a color install to match your outfit and makeup.  

Molly Brazy 

You cant loose wearing cornrows, choose whichever style works best for you and if you need to create a more glamorous look swoop those baby hairs and throw on a pair of lashes like Molly Brazy.  


It won’t matter how heated the day party gets, this snatched topknot won’t move.  Don’t forget to check those baby hairs every once in a while to make sure they’re on point. 


if you’re going to the bbq and you want to throw on your best wig. Don’t stress about the glue and that lace front giving, just pair it with a headband to conceal the edges, know one will ever know.  


Locs are always a win and if growing out your win  like Kali is a mmm-mmm then faux locs is the answer for you.

Tamera Mowry 

When you just need to be extra, create a side look to your natural curls with small ponytails and beads.

Storm Reid

For a  day on the beach, summer vacation or just chilling with friends, long individual box braids was obviously Storms vacation hair choice.

Erica Banks

A high pony like this one on Erica Banks  can go from a day party to a night at the club easily.  Keep the look glamorous with bejeweled baby hairs and wrap a little extra hair around the pony to hide the elastic.  

Asian Doll

Waves are always a  hot girls’ summers’ go to  look. If your leave out reverts in the humidity, then the volume and movement in the waves will mask any hair imperfections. 

Coi Leray

Her signature knotless braids are on everyones must have summer look to try.  Quick, easy and not alot to fuss with, just remove your headscarf  in the morning swoop those baby hairs and you’re good to go, 

Teyana Taylor

How Sexy is this look?  Teyana has individual braids and left the ends wavy to give a softer, more romantic look.