Whatever deal that Boosie Badazz and DJ Vlad have in place to continue to talk to each other, it seems it will go on forever. The Louisiana rapper’s new topic was Chicago rapper Lil Reese.

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One of the leaders of the drill movement, fans have asked when is Lil Reese going to leave ChiTown after he has been a target of multiple shootings. Boosie seems to have found the answers.

“Some people feel more safer at home,” said Boosie. “It’s either two reasons, they feel more safer at home, you don’t want to look like a coward, like you leaving your city.”


Boosie went on, “”I felt more safer at home. I always felt like if I left Baton Rouge they would turn on me. The city would turn on me ’cause was all Baton Rouge had. I don’t know, he was probably in the same shoes I’m in, but I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to leave. He might feel more safer in the jungle.”

Of his peers, Reese is one of the few to stay in the city. Do you think it’s time for Reese to leave or should he continue to hold down the city?