More than 250,000 viewers tuned in to Twitch to watch live as battle rappers competed in downtown Los Angeles in the second round of this year’s King of the Dot (KOTD), but the third round is set for Motown.

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KOTD brings the most competitive rappers from across America to clash with flows in head-to-head battles. The top four competitors from each division will move into sudden-death S1 playoffs, which begin in November where they compete for one winner to take home $100,000 in cash. 
Viewers on Twitch will be granted access to the exclusive closed set that offers a front-row seat for the battles. Not only will the battles be streamed for millions of fans around the world, but each fan will also play a role in voting on the winners. 

Winners of each battle are determined by their “Total Battle Score” or TBS. A TBS is comprised of the score each of the four judges gives the competitor, with a maximum of 10 points and a minimum of seven points per round. Fan votes are weighed as though they make up a single judge, with the rappers getting points depending on whether the win was convincing or close. Each battle, an artist can accumulate a maximum of 150 points, or a minimum of 111 points across the three rounds.