There are still some mixed feelings on Bill Cosby’s release from prison after his conviction was overturned last week. Since his release, the comedian was spotted wearing a tee from his high school alma mater, Central High School. Cosby briefly attended the high school in the 1950s and wore the shirt in a recent press conference, according to the school’s class president of 1997, Dan Taraborrelli, claims the class was not happy about Cosby’s wardrobe.

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On the back of the shirt Cosby is wearing, it has the list of names of the entire 1997 class, who according to Taraborrelli, want no affiliation with Cosby. Taraborrelli tells TMZ that they do not wish to see Cosby in the alma mater tee again.

Cosby was once put in the school’s Hall of Fame despite him not graduating, but he was removed by the school’s alumni association in 2015, prior to being criminally charged.


While Dan regrets giving Cosby a shirt in 1997, he also encourages Central High School to tell the comedian to no longer wear any of the 1997 school gear moving forward.