2021 just might be the year for Chloe Bailey.  As one half of the super duo Chloe x Halle, Chloe, who just recently celebrated her 23rd birthday and who got her own Instagram page in January, seems as if she’s finding her identity as a young woman. No longer the little girl with those cute short locs, we are getting a chance to see a different side of her and unexpectedly loving every minute of it.  She’s found her confidence and her place in this world as a young lady, love it or hate it, she’s showing us that this is who she is-simply, Chloe Bailey. Whenever you see her trending it’s because she’s posted a picture, released a video or stepped out on these post pandemic streets ready to step on necks, serving body, ody,ody ody… “I just hope that people accept us for who we are as young women. I am just being myself. I am not posting these photos for a certain kind of attention. I am just finally loving who I am and being confident in that.” She told The Breakfast Club in March.   “I feel like now is the time more than ever to really own who you are.” Yes and she’s definitely owning it!

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Take a look at the times we took notice of Chloe Bailey’s grown-Ish and sexy looks. 

The undisputed winner of the “Buss It” Challenge
at Saweeties Freaknik themed Birthday Bash 
At the 2021 BET Awards
At The After Party-Megan Thee Stallions’ “Midnight Brunch”
A quick selfie to start the day
The caption to an Instagram post in April-“I was feeling down, had to remind myself who I am real quick”
Her introduction to Instagram “Hi my name is Chloe Bailey”-Yes Chloe!

A fan giving her her props before going into a party