Cardi revealed a new set of tips on Tuesday in her Instagram story and she’s got everything but the kitchen sink up on them jawns.  The extra long stiletto nude nails were topped with charms, trinkets, crystals and diamonds  that could have easily gone on a chain around her neck rather than her nail tips. The Up rapper had each tip adorned with something different. One nail accented with a giant heart, the other clad with her initials and a small teddy bear on the tips, butterflies on the thumbs, Kutures name in crystals, a gold and diamond plated mama sign, snakes, dolla signs and more.  

Cardi’s newest set

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Cardi, who’s known for her blinged out junk nails, always keeps us guessing whether it’s new hair color to match her outfit, revealing her baby bump on an award show or stepping out in a barely there dress, she follows her heart and stays true to herself in beauty, fashion and nails.  Her fans who was not surprised by her over the top tips, weighed in. They proclaimed her the queen of nails and of course commenting on everything from how she practices basic hygiene, their weight and the outfit she planned on wearing with them.   What are your thoughts on Cardi’s manicure?  Would you get these done? Let us know by hitting us up in the comments.