DJ Akademiks continues to stand behind his stance of Drake’s GOAT status. It’s not like The Boy needed anyone to do so after his decade of dominance. His run as the Rap GOAT and one of music’s biggest superstars was iced with his recent award as Billboard’s Artist of the Decade.

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While we all await the arrival of his 6th studio album (10th project overall), the conversation of “the greatest rapper ever” has grown more steam. Back in February, Funk Flex stated that Drake holds the crowns, barring the Quentin Miller reference tracks.

Referring tracks or not, DJ Akademiks states that Drake is the greatest rapper. The media personality recently sat down with Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh on Flagrant 2. The trio discussed Drake’s undeniable dominance as an artist and music businessman.


Akademiks went on to break down his reasoning for Drake’s GOAT status. When most Hip-Hop connoisseurs think of Rap GOAT, they automatically give the nod to Jay-Z. While Hov’s consistent longevity and talent are incomparable, Drake’s career matches that peerless energy as well.

Some might even give the OVO honcho the edge. Akademiks breaks down why he gives the “What’s Next” rapper the nod over Hov.

“Drake had an ironclad hold on the game consistently, for ten-plus years,” says Ak. “Jay was one of the top 5. Some years he was 1, some years he was 2, some years he was 3. But I think what he gave to the game, in terms of people, influence, his impact, people cloud their thoughts in thinking about it to say he’s the best.”

He continues with Drake’s selfless nature with his stimulus package of doing songs with other artists.

“I think what we’re looking at with Drake, is we give him props for helping other artists, but that artist could have competed with you at some point,” Akademiks says.

“There’s a point, where if you go back to 2015, when Future was so hot. Maybe Future could have toppled Drake. But Drake pretty much overshadowed his wave. Travis. I think Baby to a certain extent. Charlamagne said that aather bout Baby. I don’t thinke Baby’s the guy yet. But I think Drake is smart. Drake won’t ever make it lines in the sand. He’ll always collaborate, help, and have those moments with that person knowing he’ll outlast them.”

He even compares him to Floyd Mayweather.

“He’s like Floyd in a way. He doesn’t knock them out, but he’s like, if you go twelve with me, ni**as will know I won.”

Peep the full conversation below. The interview gets better as AK sips more Henny.