Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo Switch OLED, a long-rumored update to the very popular hardware. The OLED version features a larger, brighter screen and 64GB of storage — double that of the regular Switch. The console can be played as a handheld device or projected onto a larger screen.

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The Switch OLED model will come in two color configurations: a white-and-black finish with a white dock and a neon red/blue set with a black dock. The dock itself features a slightly different design but output in TV mode remains 1080p.

The Switch is a cross between a console and handheld, and it already introduced one hardware revision with the Switch Lite. The $200 Lite will also remain in circulation as the lower-end model, as will the existing $300 Switch model, at least for the time being.


All previous Joy-Con controllers will be compatible with the new unit, as Nintendo says the new model will use the same Joy-Cons. The new console comes out on Oct. 8, and will retail for $349, a bump up from the Switch’s price of $299 and the Switch Lite at $199.

Nintendo’s Switch has sold incredibly well, with the console dominating US sales charts for nearly two years straight. While the new Nintendo Switch OLED isn’t a giant upgrade, it’s a newer model for those who don’t have one or simply want to stay up to date with the latest model.