Lately, Soulja Boy has been in the news for being one of hip-hop’s biggest innovators. He claimed to have sparked many ideas in the culture, and now he has another one for McDonald’s, and he said it’s worth a billion dollars. 

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Big Draco took it to Twitter and reached out to the burger company about possibly collaborating. 

He tweeted, 


“I got a billion dollar idea  @McDonalds trust me”

McDonald’s responded in a tweet, “i’m listening”

Obviously, Soulja Boy is telling us that he has a secret ingredient for us but refuses to reveal the details until he and Micky Dee’s are official. If the partnership is complete, Soulja guarantees the idea is worth a billion dollars. He also said that the ingredients will go viral. 

Also, if the deal with McDonald’s is complete, this is one thing Soulja Boy can’t say he was the first to do. Recently, McDonald’s partnered up with rapper Travis Scott for a meal on the menu. 

Who knows if this will be official, but Soulja Boy for sure has McDonald’s attention.  This comes after the “Crank That” rapper claims that rappers in the industry are copying his “TikTok wave.” 

Will you be getting the first Soulja Boy meal from McDonald’s?