City Girls released a visual to their hit song Twerkulator. The music video opens with viewers hearing Missy Elliot’s iconic voice saying:

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“This is an emergency. This is not a test. Everyone, please take shelter immediately! The Twerkulators have already invaded Twerk City, and you don’t have much time. They’ve already landed, and they’re taking over. Run for cover, motherfuckers!”

Filled with bright colors, bomb choreography, and unique costumes, the visual is directed by the super talented Missy Elliot. After dropping the music video both JT and Yung Miami showed their excitement and appreciation on social media. In a Tweet, JT Tweeted


“Go watch twerkulator video!”

Meanwhile, Yung Miami gave a special shout-out to Missy Elliot.

“Thank you @MissyElliott it was a pleasure.” wrote Yung Miami.

The legendary artist responded with gratitude and insight on the process behind putting the video together.

@YungMiami305 & @ThegirlJT@QCMusicMgmt I am So Humbly Grateful for the opportunity to work on the Twerkulator video. They WORKED HARD & rehearsed from 11 am to 11pm. They was probably SO OVER ME saying Let’s Go erday but they said we will do it. Thank yall!” wrote Missy Elliot.

Twerkulator was released in May after the previously unreleased track was leaked on social media. The song began gaining popularity on Tik Tok in March after a dance created by “layzchipz” went viral. Which caused fans to question when they could get their hands on a full song. The single samples “Planet Rock,” the 1982 song by Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force. 

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