Los Angeles Dodgers ace pitcher Trevor Bauer was last week accused of a brutal sexual assault of a 27-year-old San Diego woman, with whom he had a two-time sexual relationship this spring. Following initial claims she made in a temporary ex parte restraining order petition filed in civil court last week, new evidence has been provided to the Pasadena Police Department and Major League Baseball.

Bauer maintains his innocence against claims and refutes the woman’s account of their meetings, in which she claims to have been choked unconscious, sodomized without consent, and received blows to her body. Bauer is currently on seven-day administrative leave by Major League Baseball, which was extended an additional seven days, while the claims are being investigated.

The new evidence was cited by Radar Online after a longtime friend of the woman came forward revealing text and Instagram messages involving the accuser. In the messages, received by Radar Online, the accuser stated before her almost four-hour drive to Bauer’s home in April, that she was “literally going to get in his head” and how she “already [has] her hooks in.” The woman also said, “trust me I know what I’m doing” reiterating that she “can get in his head.” She also referred to Bauer as a “whackaddodle” and compared his demeanor to Bauer’s former teammate and San Diego Padres pitcher Mike Clevinger.

The messages, supplied to the Pasadena PD and MLB, also show the woman responding to an Instagram story “Ur welcome for getting into bauers head” with a money smiling emoji after Tatis mocked Bauer with a homer and one-eyed run around in the bases in the Padres-Dodgers game on April 24. That message followed the first alleged violent encounter between Bauer and the accuser which she claims occurred on April 18. The message was time stamped for April 24.

“She mentioned that she had a great time and said something along the lines of – and I’m paraphrasing here – but something like he’s a nice guy and I had a great time,” the anonymous friend said of the accuser. “None of which showed me anything to be concerned about or any signs of a victim being involved.”

The accuser has since attempted to contact the friend, referring to the Pasadena Police Department – who are actively investigating her accusations against Bauer – as “those corrupt fu-kers”. She also shares that the Pasadena PD has “interrogated” her about “setting this up” and comments she’s made about Bauer’s “amount of money” and how she “wanted to be a baseball wife”. The woman then tells the friend that he is going to “make this worse for [her]” before stating “they are gonna lie and say that im a prostitute and all this crazy s–t. And I know they will bring up my stuff about tatis and clev and whoever.”

The friend replied, “Are you serious? I reached out to you right when this was brought up to me. I asked to speak to you in person. Don’t try to guilt me into feeling bad here. I have done nothing.” The friend then asked for communication to be cut off.

The messages that were supplied to PPD and MLB were corroborated by an attorney for the friend, Daniel Gilleon. The friend told Radar Online that he has no personal connection to Bauer, has never met Bauer, and is not even a fan of the Dodgers. He maintains he is only a friend of the accuser and insists his goal is to only “do the right thing”.

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Additionally, the messages show the accuser boasting about a sexual relationship with Padres star Fernando Tatis, Jr., noting that she “can’t believe I achieved that” and highlighting that he is the reason she had to resign from the Pad Squad, an ambassador team for the Padres and a part of their ballpark experience.

The full run of messages can be read here. A hearing to determine the validity of the accuser’s temporary ex parte restraining order is scheduled for July 23. No criminal charges have been filed


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