22gz represented for the Brooklyn Drill genre at the Pyer Moss couture show over the weekend.

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22gz rocked custom Pyer Moss while performing a slew of hits including “Twirlanta,” “Sniper Gang,” and “Suburban.”

Kerby Jean-Raymond became the first Black-American designer to show at Paris Fashion Week. The designer celebrated Black innovation by showcasing wearable sculptures from the air conditioner to the Super Soaker.


“These are inventions by Black people and I wanted to reintroduce them to Black people, reverse the erasure that may exist — and to troll a little bit, too,” he told Vogue.

But 22gz’s performance and Kerby’s debut weren’t the only examples of Black excellence during this show.

The event was live-streamed at Villa Lewaro, the Hudson River estate built by entrepreneur and philanthropist Madam C.J. Walker.

The mansion, which stands tall on 3-acres, was built by the first African-American architect registered in New York, Vertner Tandy. It took about two years to construct and cost $250,000.

The property was used as a conference center for race relations during the Harlem Renaissance, and the likes of W.E.B Dubois and Langston Hughes were a part of some of these meetings.

Walker died in her home and her daughter A’Leila Walker inherited the home until she passed away in 1931. She left it to the NAACP who was in the midst of financial troubles at the time, and the property ultimately belongs to the New Voices Foundation.