According to several confirmed reports, Los Angeles rapper Indian Red Boy was shot and killed while on Instagram Live and it is reported that the rapper was killed for disrespecting a mural of slain L.A. legend Nipsey Hussle. He was 21 years old.

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21-year-old Zerail Dijon Rivera was killed during an IG Live broadcast, which was caught on camera, but swiftly removed from all social media due to its graphic nature. Red Boy was in a conversation with another man on the broadcast when the gunshots went off.

The L.A. County Fire Department confirmed the death of the rapper in Hawthorne, CA around 4 PM PST on Thursday.


Lt. Ti Goetz of the Hawthorne Police Department spoke on Red Boy’s death, saying, “It appears to have been a walk-up shooting, and he appears to have been targeted. [Rivera] appears to be a gang member.” 

Even though no official motive has been confirmed, it is alleged that Red Boy was killed in retaliation for disrespecting a Nipsey Hussle mural. will update the story to confirm the motive behind the killing.