When Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” turned into “Vaxx That Thang Up,” the Internet had a field day. Juvenile received some heat for touching the classic and turning it into a vaccination support song, which he had some words for during a visit to CNN.

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“You know, a lot of people lost family members, so I send out my condolences to them and their family, and I want them to know that I hurt just like they hurt,” he said.

“I have the same — I’ve lost family members, too, and it’s a scary — it’s a slippery slope. So what I say to everybody else outside that’s speaking on it, man, just get educated,” he added. “I’m not telling you, forcing you, or pushing you to go get vaccinated. I’m telling you to make a family decision. Talk to your family, get educated on it, and make the right decision.”


During the conversation, Juvenile also revealed how it meant a lot for him to have the opportunity to speak on the vaccination.

“[It} “means a lot, you know, especially for me. And I’m trying to make everybody see it from my point of view. So I just think that we all should, you know, take time out and get educated on it first, and then we all can be vaccinated hopefully in the future,” Juvenile added.

If you have yet to see the remix you can see it below.