For years, the Chicago Police Department has been investigating the death of 17-year-old Gakirah K.I. Barnes. Barnes was a member of the Gangster Disciples before she was fatally shot nine times in Chicago. Although Barnes was a teenager, she had already made a reputation for herself, believing to have killed over a dozen people.

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The CPD has now released new information regarding this case, naming the late rapper, King Von as Barnes’ killer. The documents share that King Von was a member of the Black Disciples and witnesses reported seeing the late rapper hoodied up before allegedly killing Barnes.

“An unknown M/1 wearing a Grey Hoodie and Blue jeans approached the victims. The unknown offender then produced a handgun and began firing in the direction of the victims, striking all three. The unknown offender then was observed entering an unknown vehicle making good his escape,” the documents read.


Police state that the investigation, “revealed that the victim was killed by Dayvon Bennett,” which is King Von’s government name. Although King Von was named as the “offender” police say there wasn’t enough evidence to tie the killing to King Von, causing the rapper to be free of charges.