Summer Walker has been taking a lot of backlash lately when it comes to her motherhood. Recently, the “Body” singer made headlines after fans accused the singer of her baby being malnourished.

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At first, Walker shared an image of her and her newborn, who is drinking from a bottle in the photo, while the child’s face is covered with plant emojis. Next, Walker posts a photo of a smoothie prep routine that included raw honey, hemp seeds, and mushroom powder. While Walker never confirmed if the smoothie was for the baby, fans were quick to jump to conclusions after seeing the baby’s bottle nearby a blender in the photo.

This time, Walker is under fire after being accused of neglecting her baby after an alleged source claims the 25-year-old singer left her baby with her best friend’s mother “for 10 days straight.”


Summer Walker stepped to her Instagram story to clear the rumors. “I am the full care taker of my child,” Walker began before speaking on her baby daddy, London on Da Track. “That man pulls up on the weekend w his mama & gifts for a day or 2 takes his pics but I do all the work when I’m not at work. So once again suck a d*ck.”

In another post to her IG the singer posted, “Make sure to live your life for you cause regardless, someone will always be dissatisfied with your behavior. They’ll say your too happy or too sad. You’re too quiet or too loud, you spend too much or you don’t spend enough, the list goes on. Bottom line just do you,” she penned.

Summer ended off her posts by telling the haters to worry about their own children. Check out the posts here.