According to a report from TMZ, Disney Star Kyle Massey has an arrest warrant issued for him after he missed his arraignment hearing in his immoral communication with a minor case. 

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Massey was supposed to appear in King County Criminal Court in Washington but failed to appear, so the judge issued a $100K warrant for Massey’s arrest. This is the second time Massey has failed to appear for his arraignment in this case.

Massey is charged with one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes, which is a felony, after allegedly sharing pornographic material with a 13-year-old girl he knew. 


A report from Variety stated that the complainant claimed that the actor knew her family since she was four years old and she kept in touch with Massey, who presented himself as her “father figure,” with the prospect of entering show business. Massey’s interactions with her increased following plans of a potential reboot of Cory in the House.  The actor later added the girl on Snapchat and started sending her sexually explicit photos, videos, and text messages.

Massey denies the misconduct, claiming that the girl’s family has been trying to extort him.

A statement from the King County DA’s office said, “Mr. Massey, nor any representatives of him, have filed anything in the Court docket. It is possible that Mr. Massey’s attorney is calling the wrong office. It’s also worth noting that Mr. Massey previously acknowledged the filing of the case in past media articles since the first arraignment date, which also included today’s new arraignment date. There’s no misrepresentation here. Quite simply, Mr. Massey did not appear in court.”