Rising star Ryan Trey has released his new single “It’s About A Girl.” The Interscope signee self describes his sound as simply “different,” before revealing his music is Rap and R&B influenced, but infused with his own style and twist creating new sounds for the world.

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The new release is a moody offering, examining the full aura of a mystery woman. Not only is she in the top two, and not two, of the women around, but she is in the eye of envy of other women, while she is the apple of the eye of any man she wants near her.

“I was pulling from different experiences I’ve had at parties in my city [St. Louis] with certain girls,” Ryan Trey said of the single. “They be super fly and independent, got they own bag and cars and jewelry and whatnot. And you know, I’m getting buzz around my city I feel like I’m popping too a little bit. So it’s just new confidence I’ve gained when I talk to women. Especially coming off of a heartbreak.”


You can hear the single below and also learn a bit more about Ryan Trey.

The Source: Today we have new artists everywhere, what makes you different and why should a music lover tune into you?

Ryan Trey: There’s a lot of great music out right now, hell yeah. I know what makes me different is my versatility. I feel like I can slide on any type of beat and genre and body it. I’ve always been confident in my uniqueness and the way I tell my stories. I’ve been through some crazy shit in my life too I think that plays a big part in what makes me different as well.

What attracted you to and continues to motivate you to create music?

I think whats attracted me the most to music early on were the artists that my parents played around the house early on. On Sunday mornings my pops would be working in the garage or my mom would be cooking in the crib. And they’d play any and everything that was hot at the time. I think just my love for music overall is what keeps me going.

Where is your home and how has it shaped who you are today?

Not a lot of people know this but I spent a big piece of my life in Maryland. Waldorf, Maryland to be specific. But I spent most of my life in St.Louis. That’s where I went through the most growing and maturing and experiences that made me who I’m becoming today. The project I’m about to release is based on my last few years in my hometown St.Louis.

The cover art is eye-catching, especially with the song title, do you believe a person can set your world on fire for better or worse, or is it allowed by us in romantic interactions?

I feel like whenever you begin a romantic situation with someone, you gotta expect something to get burnt down. Sometimes the girls I meet burn down the old me, show me new shit, teach me new things and I’m appreciative of that because it forces me to rebuild a better and newer version of myself. Or, she can do the exact opposite! and burn down everything I’ve been working towards mentally and spiritually. But what’s crazy is if she’s pretty enough I’m okay with either or.

How did you know aligning with Interscope was the correct move for you?

Trusting my gut. My manager Neil is like an older brother to me. He helped me understand my worth in this industry and how to reach the goals I want to reach. And my team at Interscope does a great job of letting me have full creative control. We got a really good system going on over here. My fans are going to be excited about what’s next.

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