One of Tyler Perry’s latest television shows has been a topic of conversation about Black entertainment and it’s not about the show’s plot points.

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A scene from Perry’s newest TV show Sistas has fans and critics urging Perry to finally hire writers for his upcoming projects. In the past, it was commonly known that the television/movie mogul penned all of his projects by himself, but the recent excerpt pulled from Sistas has people asking Perry to hire writers to maintain his projects’ QC.

In a now-viral scene from the show, Calvin Rodney (played by Anthony Dalton) is breaking up with Sabrina Hollins (played by Novi Brown) when he unexpectedly tells his soon-to-be-ex that he likes his prostate tickled.


While some people found the line funny, critics didn’t see the comedy and felt the urgent importance to let Perry know how this type of lackluster script writing can negatively impact how Black entertainment is viewed.

Perry has yet to issue any comment.