The summer has arrived, and the world is back open. Many people are adjusting to the post-COVID precautions and are no longer scared to come outside. Artists have returned to touring, music festivals are popping off, and the clubs are packed wall-to-wall. Now that everybody is outside again, here are our current 5 songs we’re playing to get us ready.

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5. “Goin Dummi” JOSH X FT. Fivio Foreign

JOSH X, the Haitian-American singer, songwriter, and record producer from the Bronx, linked with one of the illest drill rappers in New York, Fivio Foreign. JOSH X’s melodic flow over the uptempo Brooklyn-drill-inspired beat, puts us in the zone immediately. Plus Fivio went dummi on his verse.


4. “Buss It” remix Erica Banks FT. Travis Scott

Erica Banks is from Dallas and Travis Scott is from Houston; a perfect collaboration. The two Texas natives just showed us how turnt up the Lone Star State is. Banks’ anthem-style track is a party itself this summer and adding the “Antidote” rapper just made the song even more lit.

3. “Hittin” remix Money Mu FT. MoneyBagg Yo & Foogiano

Safe to say that this song is a bop. It’s simple but powerful. The Atlanta rapper, Money Mu linked MoneyBagg and 1017 new artists Foogiano to let us know that everything he has going on is hitting. How can you not feel that when you’re getting ready to go out. When this song comes on it’s a must that we check the mirror and make sure the fit is “Hittin.”

2. “Shake The Room” Pop Smoke FT. Quavo

Rest in peace Pop Smoke, and thank God that he left us some timeless pieces of work. His “Shake The Room,” is a masterpiece. His deep raspy voice over the Brooklyn-drill beat, in which he inspired a huge momentum for, partnered with Quavo’s distinctive sound is a match made in Heaven.

1. “Outside” (Better Days) OG Bobby Billions FT. MO3

Unfortunately, we’re turning up to rappers that we lost, but the late Dallas native, MO3 did fellow Dallas native, OG Bobby Billions song “Outside” justice by jumping on the track thanks to Lil Zac The DJ, who insisted. MO3’s trap soul singing really amplified the track and helped us hear the “church in his voice,” as he says in the song. “Outside” has become a negro spiritual now that we’re actually back outside. It’s so much passion in that song, and we keep it on repeat. “Scared to come outttttsiiiiiiiiide.” Rest in peace to MO3.

What songs do you currently have on your summer playlist?