Apollo and Gemini are two up and coming hip hop artists collectively known as the musical duo 2HENDRIXX. They originally started working at Red Lobster together. It only took them 2 weeks of working together before they decided to start making music together. They began working on their music everyday and building up their chemistry which seemed to come naturally. Apollo and Gemini spent their early mornings sitting in front of their apartments listening to beats while freestyling. Feeding off each other’s energy and flow patterns, the duo would create something they could vibe to. Now they’ve been passionately pursuing their music career for the last three years. Through all forms of tribulation they’ve had each other’s backs through the highs and the lows.

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The duo has been through the wringer and paying their dues so they can achieve their dream. They’ve stood in the back of lines rather for enjoyment of the event but to come across the chance of a life changing opportunity. The group has continuously dealt with record labels and their employees sideswiping and shelving them. They’ve also encountered shady and manipulative managers who would attempt to run pyramid schemes on artists provided by the group they would help supply for showcases. Just about any hardship you can think of, Apollo and Gemini have endured during the pursuit of their music career. Including having to sleep in the car just to get up and have to serve customers at their jobs.

Apollo and Gemini would take their tips from their shifts and live in the studio so they could work on their music. They then took the music they were creating back to the restaurants they worked at so they can share it with there colleagues. They would also share their music with promotion groups and hot up and coming local DJs. With this hard work and determination allowed the duo to be able to book weekend events and shows. Now all of the sleepless nights is finally starting to pay off for the talented young music artists. Their fan base is continuously growing at a fast rate with each new release they drop. So make sure you follow 2HENDRIXX on their journey to success,