The forthcoming VERZUZ battle between Dipset and The LOX is getting more intense as the date draws closer. Jim Jones is confident in the abilities of Dipset in the battle, sending messages over to Styles P.

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“Somebody ask Styles if they want to bring a pull-up bar on stage, too, so I can smoke all three of them,” he said. “While I smoke all three of them, I’ll be smoking on this LOX pack, real quick.”

Styles heard the words and offered a response to Jones.


“That drip and muscles ain’t gonna stop this slaughtering. You just gonna be drippy and in good shape while [you] get slaughtered,” Styles wrote. “I gotta go figure by someone lined my homies up? What did they do to have someone set them up for the finish ’cause they about to get this work.”

Not one to be silenced, Jones hit the comments: “Y’al ain’t even from the bit yal from he burbs that is not uptown Harlem,” he wrote before adding that it’s all love except on Aug. 3rd when they’ll be forced to be sworn enemies for 24 hours. “It’s up I ain’t scared of no ghost n***a, I’m a ghost buster.”

Dipset vs The Lox is set for August 3 at Madison Square Garden. Who is your pick?