Asian Doll enlisted Dream Doll, Dreezy, Rubi Rose, and Ivorian Doll for the remix to the “Nunnadet Sh*t.”

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The song was originally slated to be released last week but was pushed to this week, and according to fans’ reactions, it was worth the wait.

Rubi Rose kicks off the record then hands the baton to Dream. But the Chicago emcee is the one who delivered the standout verse.


“I be talkin’ my shit, got a potty mouth/Make him say it to the box, are you Roddy now/Can’t see me on the track, goin’ life/Only thing that’s bigger ’bout a bitch is a body count,” she raps.

Asian Doll joined the mix to let fans know that she didn’t care much about rapping until her late ex-boyfriend convinced her to.

“To be honest, I ain’t even give a fuck ’bout the rap shit/Von told me, ‘Go crazy with the rap shit,’” Asian Doll rhymes.

Listen to the “Nunnadet Sh*t” remix below and let us know which verse was your favorite: